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Your Donation Dollars at Work

Each year, the BHEF offers teachers and administrators the opportunity to apply for grants that support innovative and creative educational programs as well as technology and equipment in the Berkeley Heights Public Schools. Grant applications are distributed to all teachers and administrators in the spring, and the BHEF meets with school staff to review the grant process. Applications are due in October and the BHEF awards grants in November. The BHEF funded more than $25,000 in grants for the 2013–2014 school year, as described below.

Pasco AirLink Bluetooth Adapters and Software–These adapters and software connect to current Pasco sensors and probes and allow science students direct access to collected data and analytical mathematical tools immediately available on their iPads.  Using this SparkVue HD app, the students can also utilize the iPad's built-in camera, microphone and accelerometer to collect and analyze data.

 * This grant was selected as the 2013–2014 Marsha Miller Grant for Outstanding Innovation.   (James Flakker, Daniel McGovern, Dawn Buchan, Emilija Spirovski, James Rutzler and Meredith Morgan / Governor Livingston)        

Roller Racers Six kid-powered scooters will be used in Physical Education class by both general and Special Education students to enhance physical coordination.  (Lauren Ryan/Woodruff) 

New York Times “Upfront” Magazine This magazine will aid all seventh grade teachers in exposing students to current events, developing nonfiction literary skills, tracing and analyzing themes in current events and history, and engaging in discussion and debate.  (Rhonda Einhorn and Belinda Healey/Columbia)  

Panpipe Kits Kits for fourth graders to make “palla” panpipes will supplement a cultural arts program on Latin American music.  (Mariann Tierney/Mountain Park)

Parent Lending Library This lending library, for parents of Berkeley Heights’ youngest students, is based on the New York Public Library’s top 100 best–loved books and will help foster a love of reading.  (Anne Corley-Hand, Julie Figlar and Brenda Marley/Mary Kay McMillan

 Raz-Kids and Science A-Z Reading License Raz-Kids provides developing readers the opportunity to go online and listen to, read, and record themselves reading books at their grade level.  Science A-Z complements existing science curriculum for over sixty units and contains content such as text, lessons, and diagrams to help further learning.  (Carolyn Bowden/Hughes)

 Rachel’s Challenge This inspiring series of student empowering programs and strategies will equip students and adults in combatting bullying by creating a culture of kindness and compassion. The program is based on the writings of Rachel Scott, a student killed at Columbine High School who left a legacy of reaching out to others.  (Ann Clifton/Governor Livingston)

“La Guerra” Spanish Card Game This Spanish language version of the card game “War” provides students with a fun and engaging way of learning their Spanish numbers.  (Wendy Goldstein/Woodruff & Hughes) 

Document Camera The AverVision CP 135 document camera will allow photos, documents, objects and art resources to be projected on a larger scale for art students allowing for observation and discussion.  (Karen Pilkington/Mountain Park) 

Peace Poles Fourth and fifth grade elementary students will design and paint Peace Pole totems to be placed outside two schools as a message of peace.  (Diana Bjorge/Woodruff & Mary Kay McMillin) 

Brain Hive eBooks A subscription to over 1,000 eBooks for the Instructional Media Center, allowing simultaneous use by more than one user.  (Catherine Avino/Governor Livingston)

“Creepy Crawler Critters” In conjunction with a Liberty Science Center program, third graders will act as budding entomologists.  They will explore and discover how organisms are interdependent through the study of selected insects via fiction and non-fiction books and website and habitat exploration.  (Marilyn Merrill/Woodruff)

Recess Yoga Lessons To help promote a healthy lifestyle, a certified yoga instructor will provide yoga lessons during recess to students and staff.  (Jessica Nardi/Hughes) 

Mobile Lab Station To enhance teacher demonstrations, this lab station with storage for lab supplies and whiteboard/mirror will be utilized for fifth grade science experiments and projects. (Carla Pastore/Mountain Park)

Guitars and Accessories The Guitar Club will receive 4 guitars and relevant accessories to allow more students to learn and play guitar.  (Robert Segear/Governor Livingston) 

Chemistry/Art Workshop Making Cyanotype Prints Art students will learn about the chemistry comprising cyanotype prints before they create their own artwork.(Neal Korn and Meredith Morgan/Governor Livingston) 

“Storyworks” Magazine This language arts magazine will address skills aligned with Common Core Standards in an engaging way for fifth grade students.  (Kristine Porzio/Hughes)

Portable LED Projector This projector complements iPad apps by allowing PE teachers to provide diverse content to all students in one room using equipment appropriate for a gymnasium.  (Vincent Gulbin/Columbia) 

Steel Pan Drum A steel pan drum will be provided for the enhancement of the percussion program at Governor Livingston. (Laurie Scott/Governor Livingston)

Professional Photographer to Enhance Tour of Grand Central Station Students from the Digital Imaging class will experience a historical VIP tour of Grand Central Terminal under the guidance of a professional photographer who will share his expertise.  (Geralyn Mohr/Governor Livingston) 

Equipment for Musical Use of iPads With the speaker system, iPads can be used more effectively. The keyboard allows for a greater variety of musical instrument sound and can be used for demonstrations, accompaniment, and communication with music apps for all students.  (Stephanie Spano and Thomas Kamp/Mountain Park) 

“Explorer” Magazine Electronic and print editions of National Geographic “Explorer“ magazine for fourth graders will help develop nonfiction literary skills in science and social studies.  (Kim Delatour/Woodruff)

Aluminum Canvasses Computer Graphics students will print digital photographs in an alternative way, allowing them to gain experience with a new print medium  (Geralyn Mohr/Governor Livingston)

Various iPad Applications The Special Education department will use various apps to address communication, study, and organizational skills.  (Elissa Brecher, Gianna Czerniak, Gillian Mahy and Rose Spunder/Columbia)

Document Camera The AverVision CP 135 document camera will allow photos, documents, objects and art resources to be projected on a larger scale for art students allowing for observation and discussion.  (Diana Bjorge/Woodruff) 

Starwalk Kids An eBook collection of books by award winning children’s authors, 60% highly illustrated non-fiction, covering Pre-K through eighth grade. This collection will create a modern differentiated classroom to aid in the Common Core Curriculum.  (Mary Niedenfuhr/Hughes and Mary Kay McMillan)

Multifunction Color Printer Photography students and Photography Club members will use the iPad compatible color multifunction printer to print color photos from both the classroom computer and their iPads.  (Margaret Hodge/Governor Livingston)

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