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Your Dollars at Work

Each year, the BHEF offers teachers and administrators the opportunity to apply for grants that support innovative and creative educational programs as well as technology and equipment in the Berkeley Heights Public Schools. Grant applications are distributed to all teachers and administrators in the spring, and the BHEF meets with school staff to review the grant process. Applications are due in October and the BHEF awards grants in November. The BHEF funded more than $30,000 in grants for the 2012–2013 school year, as described below.

Readers’ Theater–The portable stage and scripts representing different literary genres will target fluency, pacing, reading with expression and dramatic interpretation for fifth grade students. (Laurie Liming/Mountain Park) * This grant was selected as the 2012–2013 Marsha Miller Grant for Outstanding Innovation.         

Math Manipulatives - These math manipulatives, including math games, shapes, blocks, cubes and cards, will inspire kindergarten students to develop problem solving skills in mathematics. (Susan Lee Poage/Mary Kay McMillin ECC)

Dare to Dream, Dare to Hope, Dare to Write Poetry-Two authors will teach seventh grade English classes for five days.  They will work with the students on writing poetry, exploring the themes of implementing change, being the change they want to see in the world, and connecting these dreams to that of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Rhonda Einhorn and Belinda Healey/Columbia)

Cherry Blossoms/Brooklyn Botanical Garden - Advanced high school art students will visit Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for a lesson on botany and create drawings to be used for reproduction into acrylic paintings. (Neal Korn and Greg Dunkerton/Governor Livingston)

Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmarks - The digital bookmarks will help fourth grade students track reading time and motivate them to increase their reading stamina. (Kim Delatour/Woodruff)

“Australia: Where to Go” Application - This iPad app will enable students to learn about the landscape, wildlife, and culture of Australia in a fun, hands-on way that will enhance communication with Hughes’ “sister school,” Hughes Primary School in Canberra, Australia. (Jessica Nardi/Hughes)

Portable Classroom Stage - Materials to construct safe, effective, and storable stages in eighth grade Social Studies classrooms will be purchased for student filming, presentations, and projects. (Deborah Scialfa and Jeremy Marx/Columbia)

Digital Exploratory Elementary Spanish Program - A one-year subscription to Voces, a digital Spanish program, along with accompanying DVD and CD resources, will enhance the curriculum for elementary Spanish students. (Mariann Tierney/Mountain Park and Mary Kay McMillin ECC)

Digital Photography Workshop with Artist Nancy Ori - This workshop will expand student knowledge of different mediums and help them to explore how to combine them with digital photographs to create unique mixed media pieces. (Geralyn Mohr/Governor Livingston)

Electronic FlashMaster - These hands-on devices will assist third grade students in mastering math facts using a multisensory approach while meeting each student’s individual needs. (Karen Calabrese/Woodruff)

Chinese Brush Painting Workshop -A visiting artist will present a hands-on workshop on Chinese brush painting that supports the fourth grade unit of study to relate Chinese fairy tales and panel painting. (Karen Pilkington and Diana Bjorge/Hughes, Mountain Park, and Woodruff)

Discovery Streaming Plus - A twelve-month subscription will provide access to multimedia resources from Discovery Education for all CMS teachers and students. (Christina Froehlich/Columbia)

Parent Program on Cyberbullying and Internet Safety- An evening presentation will help to educate parents about internet safety for students when using websites like Tumblr, Facebook and (Mary Ann McAdam/District Office)

Digital Listening Centers - This technology initiative will allow teachers to replace antiquated listening centers with digital technology provided by Nook e-readers.  The Nooks will be used by preschool and kindergarten students in the classroom listening centers. (Barbara Conroy/Mary Kay McMillin ECC)

iPads for Special Education - Seven iPads will provide CMS students with lessons that are visually stimulating, engaging, differentiated and interactive. (Rebecca Siebelts and Kristine Weber/Columbia)

Cultural DVDs - These authentic cultural DVDs will provide elementary Spanish students a unique opportunity to connect with the language and culture of Mexico and South America. (Wendi Goldstein/Woodruff)
AnyBook Readers - The AnyBook Reader will allow a teacher to personalize a recording on any written text to promote independence and reading skills for classified students. (Gale Bradford/Hughes)

Guitar Program- The purchase of twenty guitars will allow a guitar fundamentals program to be added to the music curriculum for all students at CMS to learn and become proficient on the guitar. (Holly Settineri/Columbia)

Online Reference Tools - Students will expand their research abilities by using this web based software.  Students will have access to Encyclopedia Britannica, Merriam Webster Dictionary, Compton’s Encyclopedia and World Atlas. (Marilyn Merrill/Woodruff and Mountain Park)

Document Camera – The AverVision CP 135 document camera will allow photos, documents, objects and art resources to be projected on a larger scale for art students. (Karen Pilkington/ Hughes)

Graphics Pen Tablets – Wacom Bamboo Connect tablets will help digital arts students bring their ideas to life.  These tablets make it easy to retouch, fix, and edit students’ digital images, and allow students to draw, sketch, mark up or annotate documents, as well as communicate and connect with others. (Geralyn Mohr/Governor Livingston)

Art Display Rail System This system will support an art gallery installed permanently in a prominent hallway at CMS to hang and showcase student artwork. (Joe Lanni/Columbia)

Math Manipulatives – These math manipulatives will positively influence fifth grade students’ mathematical achievement by incorporating counters, fraction/decimals sets, fraction shapes, and polydron spheres into instruction. (Joanne Stanek/Mountain Park).

ArtikPix Application – This iPad app will allow articulation students to obtain immediate feedback on the accuracy of their sound production through interactive voice recording, digital flashcards and matching activities. (Ann Bird/Woodruff and Hughes)

iPads for Occupational Therapy – Two iPads will be provided for use by the occupational therapists in their sessions with eligible students. The iPads will help students to participate in class work and will enhance student motivation and independence. (Jaime Cucchiara/Hughes, Woodruff and Columbia)


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